Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Some suggested reading

I thought I'd post some resources here for those of us who feel familiar with Quakerism but shaky on this Paganism stuff, or familiar with Paganism but shaky on this Quaker stuff, since our weekend is going to be all about where they intersect.

The first four items are resources I have suggested as advance reading for a workshop I'm facilitating at Friends General Conference Gathering this summer.

Faith and Practice

I highly recommend Faith and Practice. This is a "book of discipline" that a number of yearly meetings publish, and it is a good source of information and shared wisdom about Friends' testimonies, worship, practices, and history.

The version with which I am most familiar is Philadelphia Yearly Meeting's, which is available on-line here, or in hard copy through Quakerbooks of Friends General Conference.

I can also recommend Britain Yearly Meeting's Faith and Practice, available on-line here, or in hard copy (you guessed it) from Quakerbooks.

For a list of Faith and Practice books of other yearly meetings, click here.

If there is a Quaker library in your area -- at a college or a local monthly or yearly meeting -- you will be able to borrow a copy.

The Spiral Dance
Starhawk's book The Spiral Dance: the Rebirth of the Ancient Religion of the Great Goddess remains an excellent introduction to Paganism, particularly Witchcraft, as well as a good resource for experienced Witches looking to deepen their spiritual practice. This is available in hard copy only, although a large excerpt is available on-line here. Your local library may have it, or you might decide to buy it. Rather than buying from a mega-chain, please buy from an independent bookstore, either on-line or in person. BookSense is a good resource for independent bookstores. And one of my favorite independent bookstores, Quakerbooks (of course!) can order it for you as well.

"Christians in My Meeting Made Me Pagan"
This is Friend Daniel Hall's essay/posting to the QuakerPagan YahooGroup "about that conversion experience." It's available on-line here.

"The Syncretic Pagan"
This is Friend Laura Salmonstone's essay in the Witchvox Adult Pagan Essay Series about her spiritual journey and her spiritual life. It's available on-line here.

Some additional web-based resources:
Covenant of the Goddess
The Pagan Pride Project
QuakerFinder.org (primarily, but not exclusively, FGC)


I hope some of these resources are helpful for folks who are planning to come to our Gathering, or who are simply curious. Happy reading!

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Liz Opp said...

Greetings, Stasa!

I was preparing an email to send you, asking if you and I might have a phone conversation about something I learned during a Quakerism 101 meeting last night, and when I did a Google search for your phone number, this blog came up! Ironically--or by God's own humorous intervention--this blog already has helped me in some of what I was preparing to talk with you about.

Can you email me privately with your phone number and a few dates and times that might work for you for us to chat? I'm at lizopp AT gmail DOT com.

Liz Opp, The Good Raised Up

P.S. Glad to see your links to the FGC Gathering, QuakerBooks, etc.