Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Great Waters - what to bring?

Hello Friends!

As the Great Waters Gathering approaches, I wanted to remind everyone to bring games, such as board games and card games, with you as we will have time to play Sunday evening. Do you have a song book? Bring it for the No-Talent-Needed Show and community sing on Saturday evening.

Friends from out of town will be especially interested in sharing meals at the Meeting House. Local Friends are welcome to join in the sharing, too, of course. Please be sure to talk to Jen and Stasa about this Saturday morning or when you arrive. Cash contributions towards the purchase of food are welcome!

Almost all of the workshops and other activities take place at Ann Arbor Friends Meeting, 1420 Hill Street, Ann Arbor. However, our semi-programmed worship will take place in a nearby park and there is an opportunity to visit the Ann Arbor Farmers Market, so bring your walking shoes.

Some Friends can only join us for part of the weekend or for certain workshops. This is OK. However, we ask that every participant nonetheless contribute $45 because we still have not raised the necessary $500 towards the cost of renting the Meeting House. Ann Arbor Friends Meeting is not sponsoring the Gathering.

I look forward to seeing everyone this weekend!

Jen Chapin-Smith
Huron Valley Pagan Friends Circle
Great Waters Pagan Friends Gathering

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