Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Great Waters 2008?

Yes, there will be a Great Waters Pagan Friends Gathering in 2008. Several folks who were at the Gathering this weekend have agreed to serve on the Planning Committee. Watch this space for details, especially if you might be interested in helping to plan next year's Great Waters.


Cat Chapin-Bishop said...

So, how was the event itself? Enquiring minds want to know! Let's have a festival write-up, for those of us who weren't able to be there with you in body!

- sm said...


There will be an epistle. Daniel, Katy, and Jen are working on it now, and I will post it here and on Musings of a Quaker Witch as soon as it is approved. We are asking that everyone present at the Gathering take it back to their home faith communities (Pagan, Quaker, and mixed), and send it to others with whom they have connections, so that it can be disseminated widely. :) (Epistles are a time-honored form of Friends ministry, and are traditionally addressed "to Friends everywhere.")

Speaking purely for myself, the Gathering was intense, good, challenging, and rewarding. Most of the weekend was, for me, a combination of exhausting and good. On Monday, our final half-day, we had very rich worship and a totally kick-butt (I know, such Friendly language) Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business. For me, it was a real treat not only to be in touch with being part of something larger, but to be nurtured myself by that. I'm looking forward to getting our epistle out there, and to next year's Great Waters (which will not be on Memorial Day).